Ismail Nabih

Ismail Nabih is a three-year energy systems engineering technology student at Centennial College. Currently he is on a Co-op at Clear Blue Technologies as a Technical Engineering support. Since he joined Centennial in 2014, he has participated in numerous programs i.e. the LeaderShape Institute, culture and language programs in Italy and Spain and has represented the College in the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnic World Congress in Brazil. He volunteered at Centennial GCELE program, a program that explores pathways to achieve socially equitable and ecological sustainable food security for vulnerable communities.

In 2015, Ismail was elected to the Centennial College Board of Governors and represents Centennial’s student body. Also, he became a student ambassador for the College and was selected to be a student mentor. Ismail is associated with a variety of events and activities at the College – the Leadership Conference, Lead It UP, Multicultural Day and the celebration of National Engineering Month, to name just a few. Ismail was the past chair of the Culture and Learning Language Club as well as vice president of the College’s Youth Energy Society.

Ismail is currently a Secretary-General of Ouma United Muslim Assembly, a charitable organization provides services and programs designed to assist in the holistic educational and spiritual development of the Muslim individual and family.